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Enhance Shopping

MPC is a virtual sales assistant

Deliver content
where it matters

When and how content is displayed to customers (and store employees) is an important consideration. Too often, additional services and accessories are not discussed while customers are in the store. We provide the ability to encourage customers to self-educate and engage with employees about new and underserved products and services.

...when it matters

Ancillary services such as insurance can have a much higher attachment rate when positioned at the time of device purchase. And because we can target specific devices, the proper pricing tier can be associated with each product, providing confidence to customers and staff alike.

Make updates

Whether making changes to a single product in one store or updating thousands across multiple regions, our intuitive dashboard makes it quick and easy.

Content can be delivered in multiple ways -by product, manufacturer, region, state, etc.

Better customer experience

Saves valuable resources

Sell more

Knowing which, where and when your products are being viewed and interacted with  helps optimize placement in your stores.

Seeing which, where and when your content is being viewed and interacted with helps maximize the impact of your marketing.

Learning the behavior of your front line staff helps identify coaching opportunities.

Create a better experience

Paper price cards are nearly impossible to monitor for accuracy and quality.

With MPC, retailers update pricing across all of their stores with one click from a central portal resulting in labor savings and accuracy while making showrooms more attractive and interactive.

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