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Options for any retail environment

Mobile Price Card

is a patented mobile application which displays HTML5 content that can mirror all online and offline consumer touchpoints and marketing initiatives to effectively communicate to both customers and front-line employees.  There are no limitations.

Whether displayed on smartphones, tablets, or our stand-alone Ally device, MPC accurately displays product pricing and pertinent information on both Android and iOS devices.

Elegant, compelling content elevates the customer’s experience.

4" touchscreen

Ally touch

Our affordable 4″ touchscreen display is the ideal way to harness the power and benefits of MPC for non-screen devices.

Digital price card

Our battery powered, high resolution e-Paper displays  can be installed anywhere, without need of AC power. Using the latest E-Paper technology, the display only consumes power when updating the displayed content resulting in approximately 5 years of battery life.

Digital signage made simple

No need for expensive digital signage players. We harness the power and ease of Raspberry Pis to power standard TVs. And like other MPC products, it’s cloud-based, all content and screen management is handled remotely, so it’s easy to reliably control and update screens across multiple locations.

MPC+ is an optional, additional security software which includes a persistent custom lock screen and device tracking with geo data collection. Carrier and mobile number are are also recorded. With zero-touch deployment, just supply us with the IMEI numbers and we can handle the rest.

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